Do you wish someone had sat you down before your career began and just explained how it all worked?

It could have saved a lot of effort and pain.

My old high school recently asked me to be an alumni speaker at their annual career day. I gotta say, I’m pretty excited. I was a bit of a f*ck up in high school with a C- average and not much career prospects. I find it nearly miraculous how I managed to eke out a 10+ year career in the financial industry that was successful enough to leave my job at…

You gotta be in it to win it. It’s so simple, yet we ignore it most of the time. Especially when it comes to investing.

We know we should buy into a particular asset but end up putting it off. We then watch its price trend up to higher highs, year after year.

Sound familiar?

That’s because you KNEW you should have bought Apple, Amazon, and Google shares ten years ago. But you didn’t.

The good news is that you have an opportunity to make it up by investing in the next big thing.

I recently wrote a post naming…

$29,753. That’s my profit from trading stock options for a full year.

Considering my annual living costs are around $40,000, that’s REAL money.

My one-year-old is next to me, clapping his hands and drooling while standing in his walker. He’s PUMPED. I reward him with a tummy tickle and he laughs.

In my previous life, my job was to trade stocks for large institutions. I did it for over ten years. It was pretty straight forward. I’d get lots of orders to buy shares, and I’d push the buttons to execute. I’d then get lots of orders to sell and…

You’re sitting at home, scratching your head with overgrown and neglected fingernails, as a result of social distancing.

You’re confused.

Unemployment numbers have exploded with one in five people out of work now in the US.

Yet the stock market keeps rallying. It’s even entered a technical bull market.

But companies are obviously struggling.


It’s pretty simple actually.

As my man-crush Ray Dalio says, ‘The stock market is not the economy’.

The benchmark US stock market index is the S&P 500, and it's market-cap-weighted. What that means is the largest companies have a greater weighting due to their size…

‘Cash is Trash’ -Ray Dalio

I admit to the man-crush I have on Ray Dalio.

But I’m not alone.

Just look at P. Diddy swooning over him in his private masterclass session.

Ray Dalio is the real deal. When he talks, you can bet the smartest people in the world are paying full attention.

I’m no different, minus the intelligence that is.

For those not familiar with Ray Dalio, he’s the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world.

He’s also just a straight-up cool dude.

He’s used transcendental meditation to hone his thinking since the Beatles…

Professional traders are stumped.

The stock market (S&P 500) tanked an unprecedented 35% over a couple of weeks, only to retrace half that loss afterward.

There’s no historical precedent for what's happening.

It’s a coin toss whether the market has recovered or if it’s just the start of the next great depression.

And so you wonder…

Is it a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy cruise ship and airline stocks that have had their prices decimated by this crisis?

Before you decide, it’s a good idea to revisit the wisdom in Jack Schwager’s legendary trading book, ‘Market Wizards’.


The world has just been slapped in the face.

It’s not enough that many of us globally have been locked inside at home and afraid. But we’re also contending with the impact of an economic calamity unseen since the great depression.

Thinking of all the businesses that’ll go under and the number of people struggling to make ends meet is sickening.

Stressing over the financial ramifications on a nest egg and investments feels like a luxury.

That said, those of us fortunate enough to have savings can’t relax and need to stay on top of things.

Through conversations with friends…

I wish my Dad taught me the value of getting back up after falling down.

Although it took a while, I eventually learned the lesson early in my adult life.

Now when my four-year-old daughter falls, once I’m sure she’s fine, I kneel and ask what we do in life when we fall down. Through her tears, she looks up and says ‘get back up.’

Good girl.

I don’t think I’m dramatic in saying the world is lying face down on the ground now. This situation sucks.

Schools have closed, people are out of work, and businesses are going under…

Violent riots erupted globally last year.

Think of the physical and economic damage caused by the headline-grabbing protests in Hong Kong, France, and Ecuador, to name a few. You may not be aware, but destructive demonstrations took place in Iran, Haiti, Lebanon, Columbia, Sudan, Egypt, and Chile as well.

If you’ve read the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling, then you’re aware of how much our quality of life has improved in just a couple of generations. In our grandparents time, the majority of the world didn’t have simple technologies like washing machines. The infant mortality rate globally was 15% in…

Have you ever trained for an endurance race?

A 5km fun run. Marathon. Or even a triathlon of any distance.

If so, then you understand the importance of having a goal — the specific time you want to finish the race.

Only by having one, can you then make a training plan and identify the exact race splits you need to succeed.

Standard in any race. Yet, we don’t do it for the most important one we’ve all signed up by default of being born.


Somehow we’ve been led to think we should deny thoughts of our mortality. …

Reza Kunimoto

Ex-Corporate Equities Trader | Ex-JP Morgan | Early Retiree | Options Trader | Investor | Author |

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